Our Community

    The official motto of Key West and The Florida Keys is “One Human Family.”

    Our island has long been popular with artists, writers, the gay and lesbian community, musicians, divers, snorkelers, sports fishers, sunbathers, and a few pirates along the way. Key West now boasts an ever expanding arts community, a world-class symphony, theatre companies, botanical gardens, and many award-winning restaurants. Recently, The Keys have begun a movement to put us in a leadership position for green and environmentally conscious living.

    We‘ve provided links to some of our favorite websites below. These links cover the areas of Arts & Charitable OrganizationsLenders & Financial ServicesMediaTransportationTourismWeatherUtilitiesSchools & Government and Services. Enjoy

    • Dan Blagriff, Centennial Bank
    • Ani Madruga, First State Bank of the Florida Keys
    • Jorge Rosaval, South Atlantic Financial
    • Ruben Concepcion, Keys Financial Mortgage Corp.